Yesterday I told you my process for making a perfectly fitting pair of pants.

pants & tops swarovski & white

Here’s another pair made the same way. They are accompanied by yet another incarnation of them “top with rounded yoke,” as I call it.

(Last summer I started making copies of a favorite knit top, see details and other versions, and yet more variations.)

new tops pants & skirts turquiose swarovski

This top may look like the one I did last year, but it isn’t, I made another. I didn’t care for the length of the first one and also the crystals were a combination of hot fix and glue on. The hotfix crystals stayed on great through the wash, but the glue on ones were constantly falling off.

I finally ripped off the crystals to save and threw away the top. The new longer version with all hotfix crystals makes me much,  much happier. 🙂

pants & tops blue sparkle & white

This top has a cautionary tale for ya.

2014 04 23 woyww sewing spring clothes (3)

First, take a closer look at the fabric. See all those pretty raised sparklies? Aren’t they lovely?

Now imagine them on the inside of the garment, rubbing against your skin.

Yeowch, indeed. The first time I tried it on I instantly began to twitch, couldn’t get it off fast enough.

new tops pants & skirts blue sparkle

So what did I do? Well, if you look closely at this pic you’ll notice there are NO little sparklies on the folded over back neck & armhole edges. If I’d bothered to show it (seemed like a boring photo) you’d see NO sparklies on the inner yoke facing either.

That’s cuz I picked them all off with my fingernails. Ruined a thumbnail, too, but it was worth it, lol.

So the cautionary tale is this: Don’t put roughly textured fabrics on the inside of a garment, find something kinder next to your skin… unless you like to twitch. 😀

Check back tomorrow for the final installment in the summer clothes series.

Happy creating!

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3 thoughts on “More Summer Sewing – Tops & Crop Pants

  1. Hahah! Thanks for suffering just to give us new posts. I love that combo; would wear it all summer long. Do you put that top in the dryer?

    1. Gosh, it never occurred to me NOT to put it in the dryer. But, yes, both tops have gone through the wash a few times and have come out great.

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