Bead Crochet Success on Your First Try

Crocheted ropes of beads may look complicated, but it’s actually very easy to create this earthy boho look.

You only need to know a single basic crochet stitch!

Watch the video to learn:

  • Simple steps for crocheting with beads
  • Tips for choosing the right thread
  • Which beads you should never use in bead crochet projects
  • Ideas for jewelry you can make using your crocheted pieces

Tools & Materials:

  • Crochet cotton, S-lon or other cord of appropriate weight for your beads
  • Beads with a large enough hole for your cord to pass through
    **Do not use beads with sharp edges such as Swarovski crystals or bugle beads**
  • Size E, 3.5 mm crochet hook
  • Big eye needles
  • Button for closure of bracelet
  • Hypo-cement or other jewelry glue
  • If making a necklace, findings may include head pins, eye pins, bead cones, chain and a clasp

Materials for Pink Posy bracelet:

**Note: a few of the colors I used are no longer available, I’ve linked to similar items

Au Natural necklace:

**Note: this started as a bracelet, as shown in the video, then I changed my mind and made it into a necklace.


  • Beads with 1mm holes would be ideal
  • Don’t use a cord that is too fine for the beads
  • Crystals and bugle beads could cut your thread
  • Work from the spool, string on your beads first
  • It’s better to string on more beads than you think you’ll need
  • If you are using larger beads 6-9mm+, you’ll want to space them out on the cord when crocheting
  • Do a few tests to determine how much to space them.
  • A good place to start:
    • 2-3mm beads – 1 bead every chain
    • 4-5mm beads – 1 bead every other chain
    • 6-8mm beads – 2 empty chains between every bead

Overview of the steps:

  1. Start by making a chain of enough stitches to loop around your button closure.
  2. Leave an 8″ tail so you can sew the loop closed later.
  3. Make your piece as long as you want (enough wraps for a bracelet, lengths for a necklace, etc.)
  4. Cut the thread, leaving a 10″ or so tail.
  5. Tie on a button last (loop thread through button loop or holes a few times)
  6. Knot and secure with a dab of glue.
  7. Test chain on other end for size in relation to button, knot closed and secure with a dab of glue.

Enjoy the video, happy creating!

Watch the Bead Crochet Success on Your First Try video on YouTube.

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