I’ve rarely met a craft I didn’t like, and have all the gadgetry to prove it.  🙂

You’ll often find me in my studio  where I create tutorials, make fantasy figures, sculpt fairy gardens, and play with polymer clay dragons.

Crafting, sewing and making things with my hands have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  Some of my earliest memories involve sitting at my grandmother’s kitchen table surrounded by an array of sequins, glitter and beads.  She loved to make beaded Christmas ornaments, and it was always wonderful to sit and chat while our hands were busy.

I’ve been married for 33 years to my wonderful husband, Gary, who completely supports me in all my new crafting endeavors, and never gripes at me about all the “necessary” supplies.   We have two grown sons, whom I had the pleasure of homeschooling through most of their school years.  I thoroughly enjoyed spending that time with them, but it is nice to now have a bit more time for creative endeavors.


I’ve often been asked to teach my crafts, and have found I love doing so.

I’ve had tutorials published in multiple magazines including Polymer Café, Passion for Polymer and Just Steampunk and have a wide variety of classes available online. It is a privilege to spend my days creating the work I love and passing along the techniques to others.

This blog and my YouTube channel, as far as I’m concerned, are the ultimate teaching tools.  Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a thing.

 It’s my hope that with every post you will come away enriched and inspired to take what you’ve learned and make it your own. If I do that, I consider myself successful.

Wishing you blessings!


A few random facts about me:

Favorite color:  Purple

Favorite saying:  “Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused.”

Favorite authors:  J.R.R. Tolkein, C.S. Lewis, Bodie Thoene, A.W. Pink, Ian Murray, Paul David Tripp, Lou Priolo, Elisabeth Elliot, Anne McCaffrey, Robin Hardy, Angela Hunt

Just so you know:

All of the posts on this blog are written by me personally.  All of the photos and projects are my own creations.  If not designed by me then I will always cite the pattern or inspiration.

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