Create This Fun Bohemian Chic Bead Bracelet

Can I tell you a secret?

Sometimes, jewelry designs that look lovely in photos are incredibly uncomfortable to wear!

Take these lampwork beads, for instance. A whole bracelet composed of those glowing colors LOOKS great… in a photo.

But the reality is that a bracelet of that sort is heavy, and lumpy.

Which is what led me to create this bracelet design.

The pretty beads stay out of the way on top your wrist, and a smooth wire coil keeps them in place, and lets the underside of your wrist be lump free.

Not only that, but it weighs half as much!

The inclusion of wire wrapping and the possibility for mixed metals in the design is another bonus.

You don’t have to use glass beads in this design, btw, any beads with a 1.5mm+ hole, such as polymer clay, stone, ceramic, etc. will work.

Tools and Materials:

Beads I used:

  • From Michael’s:

Videos you may find helpful:

Enjoy the video. Happy creating!

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