Yesterday I showed you a skirt I made from Simplicity 1887.

pants & tops blue embroidered linen & black

Here are the pants I made from that same pattern… sorta.

You see, way back in December 2012 I made a custom drafted pants pattern using my measurements.  (The link will bring you to the blog post with details.)

I made fleece pants from that pattern and wore them all winter long. Both winters.  Comfy, squishy, warm, AND they fit well. LOVE.

But then it was time to make something that could be worn out of the house, and so I went looking for a pattern with pocket and waistband details I liked.

simplicity 1887 pants & skirt

Simplicity 1887 fit the bill perfectly. You can see my review of the pattern here. 

After making one pair I realized they were way too wide at the bottom, and so applied the helpful tips in Tapering or Widening Pants, a great article by Threads Magazine.

new tops pants & skirts blue embroidered linen

Here’s a close up of the pocket & front details. I was very careful of the placement of these embroidered motifs. Didn’t want flowers blooming out of awkward places!

I’m working on a white top to wear with these, I think it will look better than the black one.

For more of my summer wardrobe, check back tomorrow!

Happy creating. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Blue Linen Embroidered Pants

  1. Those pants look so comfortable and they have pockets, I agree a white top with them would be better. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs Eliza

  2. Those are cute! I want to see them with the white top. Now, are the pockets deep enough to carry a phone? I cannot wear pants that don’t have a phone pocket.

    Oh, regarding your previous pink pants post, which won’t let me comment–I KNEW I’d seen that necklace before. I love that one, too. It’s tropical. 😀

    1. Yes, the pockets are deep enough for a phone. The white top is nearly done, so soon. 🙂

      Gosh, I don’t know why you couldn’t make another comment on the previous post. I did a test just now and it was fine. Weird.

      That necklace is water lily themed, with several different stages & parts of the plant. I have ideas for making more like it, perhaps with roses & other plants.

      1. Well, I love the necklace. If I click on the comments, I can’t click back to your main page. Don’t know why. So I’ve learned to open the comments in a new page. All is well.

        1. That’s really odd, Robin. Is is a new development or have you been having trouble with commenting for a while? I’ve got a few issues to tweak on the site, I’ll look into it. Thanks for letting me know!

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