I just put together a video tutorial for you. It shows how quick and easy it is to make these beaded dangle earrings.  Seriously, if you had all the supplies, you could make a pair in 15-20 minutes.


Aren’t they pretty? In fact, I like them so much, I’m wearing them right now.  Ha!

As I mention in the video, there are many variations you could do on this theme.  Here’s a different kind of hoop for the earrings.


I really want to try this with oval loops, they would be quite elegant.  Or for a funky look, how about rubber “O” rings?  If you don’t mind heavy earrings, how about glass or stone rings?  I’ll bet you could find something made of wood that would be lighter and look cool, too.

As usual, it’s the possibilities that make it exciting!

Happy Creating!

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5 thoughts on “Need a Quick Gift for Mother’s Day? Easy Beaded Earrings Tutorial

  1. Okay, those are cute! I especially like the turquoise. *sigh* Do you know how long it’s been since I wore earrings?

      1. Yeah, but you MIGHT go out. I . . . probably won’t. And the WalMart cashiers never seem to notice when I’m dressed up.

        1. The point isn’t to please anyone else, but purely for my own edification. So there.

          As far as going to WalMart, I’ve seen people there in pajamas and slippers. Weird.

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