Many thanks to all for your kind words yesterday.  The skirt definitely won the popular vote, so I started cutting it out last night.  Think I can have it done in time to wear to church on Sunday?  🙂

Yesterday afternoon, however, I put together a video for you all to make this necklace.


That chain of purple chips has been hanging around for quite some time.  I loved it, but it was only 18″ long and I didn’t know what to do with it.  The brain wave came over the weekend while repairing several pieces of jewelry.

You’re going to love how simple this project is!

Happy creating.  🙂

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6 thoughts on “Triple Strand Beaded Chain Necklace Video Tutorial

  1. That’s a beautiful necklace. I’m most impressed with your video, though–it’s clear and steady, with captions, yet. Can you do a video on how you make videos? 🙂

    1. Thanks, Robin! I’ve been wondering just how horrible my videos are; I really need to get a better camera.

      As far as putting the videos together, I use the free program that came with my computer, Windows Movie Maker. I think I’ll pass on making any tutorials on how I do it, as many other folks have already done so. Do a YouTube search and you’ll find lots of help in that department.

      1. Oh, dear. What would I make a video of? “Here I am at the computer typing out sentences. Oops! Made a typo. There! Corrected it. Now watch as I make notes in longhand on the printout of Chapter One!”

        1. lol – How about you working in your garden?

          Chapter One of what? What are you working on now that the Lystra series is done?

  2. After your lovely comment on my blog I mosied on over to return the compliment. My word, you’re a talented lady! I’m impressed and in awe. I’m looking forward to following your creative adventures. And maybe trying my hand at a couple of new things too…who knows.

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