Below is a jewelry video tutorial I made  for you all, showing how to make this caged beads bracelet.  All you’ll need are beads, a few eye pins and some wire.

Keep in mind that  you could wrap just two beads and attach to ear wires for a pair of earrings, or wrap more beads and make more connectors for a necklace.


Doing a little wire work in your jewelry making is not only a great way to easily dress up your beads, but it also can save you money.  Making your own connectors and clasps is way easier than you might think.

I hope this video encourages and inspires you to give it a try!


I also made a bracelet with red beads and gold wire.  This shot gives you a good view of the figure eight connectors.  (And, apparently, a cat hair.  Hope you aren’t allergic.)

For the spiral I used a much shorter piece of wire (four or five inches, instead of nine) which gives a different look than in the pink bracelet.


Here’s a close up of the finished clasp.

Here’s hoping for a creative week!

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3 thoughts on “Wirework Bracelet Tutorial – How To Make Caged Beads

  1. All I need are beads, a few eye pins and some wire, eh? No, that’s all YOU need. I also need enough hand/eye coordination to not injure myself with the wire.

    But like everything you make, the bracelet is lovely.

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