I just love making Christmas crafts!  My favorites are quick little projects that can be brought out and enjoyed year after year.  It’s an extra special bonus if its something that can be made with children.  🙂

Way back in July (seems like last week to me…) I posted about this little project that my quilting group made.


Aren’t they cute?  They’re really easy to make, too.

You can find the directions here, but if you are strapped for time (who isn’t this time of year?) I’ve made up several kits for your convenience.  The kits even have those cute little carrot noses, all prebaked and ready to go!

You can purchase snowman ornament/plant poke kits at Etsy, or from my shopping page.

Happy Christmas creating!

P.S.  Did you notice my new button on the upper right of the blog, “Follow me on Pinterest“?  I’ve just gotten started, but there are several fun ideas for Christmas crafts and baking on there as well. (You gotta check out the melted snowman cookies, too much fun!)

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