Free Masterclass: Make This Gorgeous Bead Crochet Spiral!

Even if you’ve never crocheted before, you can learn two simple stitches and turn thread and beads into a gorgeous spiraling beaded rope.

The main supplies are just beads, thread and a crochet hook.

Tools & Materials:

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As I mention in the video, most of the beads I used are from Dollar Bead Box. Unless there is a link below, go to and type the name in the search box.

3-color 4mm Czech fire polish sample:

  • Beige Luster
  • Matte Crystal AB
  • Matte Purple Velvet AB

Blue sample, all 3mm Czech fire polish except for 5mm Melon Beads:

  • 5mm Czech Glass Melon – Aqua
  • Turquoise Vega
  • Green Opal Vitrail
  • Matte Aqua
  • Blue Zircon
  • Opaque Turquoise Blue Zircon

Red Bracelet:

  • 5mm Czech Glass Melon – Siam
  • 3mm Czech fire polish, Crystal Gold Lined
  • 3mm Czech fire polish, Opaque Red Nebulous Luster
  • 3mm Czech fire polish, Matte Crystal Copper AB
  • 4mm Czech fire polish, Satin Taupe
  • 4mm Czech fire polish, Matte Pearlized Ruby Red
  • 2.5 x 6mm Mini Dagger Beads, Silversheen Ruby

For reference and to help you in determining sizes & materials for your own projects:

  • 4mm only sample: 150 4mm Czech fire polish beads @ 6 beads per row = 4 inches of tubular crochet, which uses 3.5 – 4 yards #10 crochet cotton
  • Blue sample: 42 5mm Czech Glass Melon beads + 42 each of 5 different 3mm Czech fire polish beads (252 beads) = 5 ½ inches tubular crochet
  • Red Bracelet: 50 5mm Czech Glass Melon beads, 2 rows (100 beads) 4mm Czech Glass fire polish and 3 rows (150 beads) 3mm Czech Glass fire polish = 6 ½ inches tubular crochet (300 beads total)

Multiply the number of beads per row, times the number of inches of tubular crochet you want to get approximately how many inches of strung beads you need.

For example: Six beads per row times 6 inches means you need about 36 inches of strung beads for a 6-inch length of tubular crochet.

Remember that if making bracelets you’ll need more length than usual due to the thickness of the beaded ropes.

Watch the Free Masterclass: Make This Gorgeous Bead Crochet Spiral! video on YouTube.

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