Create Gorgeous Color Schemes-Quick and Easy!

This colorful necklace is a wearable party!

This statement piece incorporates a sparkling faux druzy pendant and a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors of beads.

You’ll learn how to create a colorful mixture that works together and doesn’t clash but has depth, texture and interest.

Helpful links:

Links to a few of the other beads I used:

We’ll go through the entire design process together so you can see just how I made each creative decision.

You’ll also learn a clever way to string multi-strand necklaces using loops of beads and fun links of chain.

When you’re done you’ll have an amazing statement piece that you’ll love to wear to any occasion.

Tools & Materials:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Create Gorgeous Color Schemes-Quick and Easy! video on YouTube.

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