It’s hard to believe I’m nearly at the end of my month-long challenge to do something creative every weekday in March and blog about it. It’s been quite fruitful and productive. I’ll share some of what I’ve learned and my observations next week.

callie painted coral flowers

But on to today’s project. It had been my plan to make a flower cane, based on a this photo from a seed catalog.  It’s called calibrachoa, and I thought the shading and patterning would be a fun challenge to replicate.

The first step, though, was to find a way to mix that deep, saturated fuchsia.  So I pulled out my fluorescent colors and made a few mixes.  (Using fluorescents to get very saturated colors was recommended by Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio in their excellent book, Polymer Clay Color Inspirations.)

color mixing fuchsia to fluorescent yellow

This row is fuchsia to fluorescent yellow.

color mixing sunshine yellow to fluorescent pink

Here we have sunshine yellow to fluorescent pink.

color mixing fuchsia to fluorescent pink

This  is fuchsia to fluorescent pink. I know it’s hard to capture with the camera, but that one on the right end is the most screamingest of pinks. Like eye watering.  Yikes.

But it’s actually quite lovely when mixed with equal parts fuchsia and then with white.

color mixing fuchsia plus fluorescent pink to white

I started my white/pink blend, but had to stop because the white was way too squidgy to deal with.  You can see the beginnings of the blend here, I think it’s going to be gorgeous.  The clay is sitting on white paper because the paper will leach out some of the excess plasticizer, making the clay more firm and easier to deal with.

So, the flower cane will be tomorrow’s project. 🙂

Have you ever set yourself a creative challenge? What did you do and how did it go? I’m sure many of us creative types would be interested in hearing new ideas for motivation and creativity.

In the meantime, Happy Creating!

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