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kaleidoscope cane lizard (1)

Ok, I am in love with this kaleidoscope cane and think I must do one in every possible color. (The sparkly specks are glitter, as I ran out of plain white and had to use some glitter white. Time to go buy more clay!)

kaleidoscope cane lizard (2)

I followed the visual tutorial on Almu Mendelbaum’s Flickr stream to make this glowing star-like cane. (Click to the left on her stream to get the rest of the steps.)

kaleidoscope cane lizard (5)

I decided to make another canework lizard, this time following the steps a bit more carefully, and with much better results. 🙂

kaleidoscope cane lizard (4)

I don’t think I’ll be giving Jon Anderson a run for his money any time soon! (I felt privileged to get to see and even handle some of his work at the El Paso airport last summer, and it’s even more amazing in real life than in the photos.)

kaleidoscope cane lizard (3)

Hubby thinks I should make all my dragons this way, covered in cane slices.  Which do you prefer, the visual texture of the canes, or actual texture?

Check back tomorrow for the next Make it in March project.

Happy creating!

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