This week’s dragon is another that’s been on my inspiration list for quite some time. A couple years ago I made this kaleidoscope cane lizard, and hoped to make a dragon the same way, someday.

dragon #47 Felicity 1

Click on any of the photos for a closer look.

I used the same general guidelines from Almu Mendelbaum’s Flickr stream for a kaleidoscope cane, but added a few more pieces and put them together my own way.

purple kaleidoscope cane

I posted the finished cane on Instagram on Monday. There’s still half of it left and I’m so glad, because it came out really nice!

This post at Creator’s Joy gives you the steps for turning a cane into a veneer to cover a lizard (or seahorse) shape.

dragon #47 Felicity 2

For the wings I wanted something similar, but not exactly the same, so I made a Stroppel cane. You can see how it’s done by the designer herself, Alice Stroppel, who figured out this clever way to use up old cane bits and pieces.

People have taken this idea and RUN with it! Check out this Pinterest search for Stroppel cane.

dragon #47 Felicity 3

If you’d like to see my other dragon creations so far, I’ve made a Thursday’s Dragon Pinterest boardjust for them.

dragon #47 Felicity 4

Felicity’s castle was base coated with a deep purple and then covered with a crackled white. The gold accents were done with Inca Gold Gilder’s paste.

Check out this post on Errol, dragon #1, for the details on why I am making a dragon every week in 2015. Only five more to go!

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2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Dragon #47-Felicity

  1. Wow, these are getting so ornate! And the detail in the claws and horns is just amazing. What are you going to do with the collection?

    1. Thanks, Robin!

      Right now they are taking over my house, there are dragons everywhere. I hope to use some of them for future classes & tutorials, and possibly a book. We’ll see….

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