Today’s project is one I’ve been thinking about for some time.

rustic dragon pendant (1)

It involves taking one of my dragon cameos and making a mold of it with Castin’ Craft EasyMold Silicone Putty. (This stuff from Amazon may seem expensive, but you get 16 oz. for $30, whereas at the craft store you get 3 oz. for $15. If you use a lot of molding putty it’s a deal.)



After unmolding the piece I beat it up a bit and added some texture with various tools.

I kinda wish I’d gotten a bit more aggressive with the toothbrush, as it still seems a bit too “smooth.”  After baking I antiqued it with a dark blue, then dry brushed with white and silver.

rustic dragon pendant (2)

I’m not 100% pleased, but think this is definitely an idea I want to pursue further.  Especially since I’ve done all the work of sculpting the dragon already, these could be made fairly easily.

Why am I sharing only partially completed projects with you? It’s all part of a challenge I’ve set myself to work on at least one creative project every weekday in March and document the results here. They may not all be pretty, most won’t be completely finished, but at least it’ll be something.  Check back tomorrow for the next creation.

Happy creating!

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4 thoughts on “Rustic Dragon Pendant – Make It In March – Day 3

  1. Looks pretty cool to me. 🙂 I find the process people go thru to make things like this, fascinating. A toothbrush you say, fascinating! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, I like that; it has the right feel as a medieval pendant or signet. Yeah, I can see a lot you could do with that. Nicely done.

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