Do any of you other creative types find yourselves frustrated with the number of ideas you have vs. the amount of creative work you actually get done? It seems to happen to me cyclically, perhaps three or four times a year. The inertia sets in and it’s just much easier to sit here and do “creative research” (read: check out other blogs & spend time on Pinterest) than to go and make things myself. I keep thinking I’ll do it later, then it gets late, the hubs wants to watch a couple episodes of Dr. Who, and that’s it, day over.


In an attempt to conquer this problem  I have set myself a challenge for the month of March. I’m calling it “Make It In March,” and I’m committing to working on at least one creative idea every weekday for the month of March.

I hope you’ll enjoy the journey with me, as I promise to post one photo every weekday of what I’ve accomplished. It may not be pretty, but it’ll be something.

If you’d like to join me, let me know and I’ll link to your blog, flickr or what-have-you from here.


Today’s project was based on a sketch I did a few weeks ago. I won’t call it a total fail, cuz I did learn a few things:

  1. The concept of making my own bead roller looks good on paper, but requires far more time, precision and patience than I’ll ever want to invest. Hence, the scribbling out.
  2. In order to have applied decoration on a round bead, first the base bead has to be make and pre-baked, then sanded, then the vine applied & baked, then one side of flowers & leaves applied & baked, then the other side of flowers & leaves.  =====ugghhhh=====  I refer you back to #1, more time, precision & patience than I have.miim-1-gradation-beads-floralThis was as far as I got with this one and then decided to call it done.
  3. I DO often invest time, precision AND patience in many projects, but they first have to enchant and interest me. Like with any of my dragons  or the chocolate charms I made a couple weeks ago.
  4. No idea is so horrible it can’t be redeemed, which is why I saved the drawing in my sketchbook. Who knows, someday I may revisit it with better and different skills than I have now.
  5. Many ideas seem good on paper, but it takes time and experimentation to see how they work out for reals.


I love the color & look I got when partially mixing pearly clay with my green.  But these leaves from a borcer mold are way too bulky.


These are fairly large beads, meant to be focals, and I sort of like the concept, but I think I’m going to go back to dragons… or chocolates. 🙂

Check back tomorrow to see what I make.

Happy creating!

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6 thoughts on “Make It In March – A Creative Challenge

  1. What a great idea! Since I’m stuck in maintenance work right now, I’ll just draw vicarious satisfaction from your creative work. Okay? Thanks. 😀

    1. Okay, that’s fine. Perhaps you can start your own challenge when you’re ready.

      Author It In April?

      Just Write In June?

      Ooooo, and then you can share excerpts from what you’ve written. Oh yeah.;-)

  2. Oh my that procrastination quote is a perfect fit to me! I have so much I should be doing and here I sit on the patio perusing bloglovin updates. I’ll have to scroll back a few to catch up on the chocolates. 🙂 Love your dragons! Today’s post was an interesting, in seeing how you tackle a new project. It does look like a lot of fiddly work. So,for today I’ll just sit and enjoy your work. :))

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