Isn’t that a great term, Frankenpattern?  I love it!  And, it’s one of the things I love most about sewing, I can have things just the way I want.  This hem with that neckline, in this color and that size.  Perfect.

I bought McCall’s 6287 only for the cool neckline treatment.  I bought McCall’s 6199 only for the very flattering hemline.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them until I read on Pattern Review that the neckline on 6287 is so wide, one is in danger of replicating the Flashdance off the shoulder look.

Um, no thanks.

So, I cut out 6199 and transferred the neckline markings for 6287.  Voila, Frankenpattern!

what's on your workdesk wednesday knit dress frankenpattern

I cannot wait to finish this dress and wear it.  When I tried it on for fitting it was so comfy it felt like jammies.  But first I have to finish the quilt repair in time for my hairdresser appointment on Friday.

Molly, however, had something to say about that today.

miss smugness

Can you say SMUG?

You gotta admit, though, cats have good taste.  They will always sit on a quilt whenever possible.  🙂

So, why am I posting pics of my workdesks?  Cuz it’s What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday, silly!  You gotta check it out, creative people from all over the world post pics of what’s on their workdesks.  Fun stuff.

Happy creating


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3 thoughts on “WOYWW – Knit Dress and a Frankenpattern

  1. That cat certainly knows which side its bread is buttered on that’s for sure! Funny name “Frankenpattern”!! LOVE the little snowman in you next post, brilliant!


  2. Am so late that I’ve seen the Snowman too – he’s really fun! I love the neckline and the frankenpattern thinking..brilliant. It looks kinda hard though!

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