I’m still in sewing mode, as today’s desk shows.  It’s been a while since I’ve done any papercrafting, so of course I’m itching to do that.  I think I really need at least three crafting rooms.  😉

what's on your workdesk wednesday aqua top and quilt to repair

Clockwise from bottom left:

  • A top that’s almost done, just have to hem it and trim some seams – I’ll post a review of the pattern soon.
  • Batting for a quilt to be repaired
  • The quilt to be repaired – A friend asked me if I would repair some quilts her mother had made a few years back.  Her mom has since passed away and they have sentimental value but were quite a mess.  It has been an interested learning experience.  I’ll do a post sometime soon sharing some things to  keep in mind if you have quilts of your own that need a little tlc.
  • A stack of patterns for knit fabric tops and dresses – I cannot resist 99 cent patterns!
  • At the bottom of that stack is the cutest fabric for a dress for my granddaughter, better pics soon.
  • Pattern pieces for the aqua top, think I’m going to make another out of a raspberry knit.
  • See that aqua fabric at the bottom center of the photo?  That is the top of a stack of about 20 yards of cotton knit I got at my local fabric store that just closed their doors.  It was heartbreaking that after 92 years, they could no longer stay in business.  However, I was happy to get all that fabric for less than $1 a yard!

So, why on earth I’m a showing you a photo of my workdesk?  Because it’s What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday, of course!

Happy creativity!

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17 thoughts on “WOYWW – Repairing An Old Quilt

  1. How nice of you to fix the quilt. Love how you fixed the jacket below too., and you look marvelous in it. I hope to be able to have my sewing machine up in my new room soon.
    keep smiling and creating

    1. I’m not doing it entirely out the goodness of my heart, it’s tons of work. She’s a hairdresser, so were bartering color, style & blow dry with quilt repair. Works for me!

  2. yep i am with you – you definitely need more space to spread – how on earth can a women be expected to quilt in that small corner???!!!


  3. I think we all want more space don’t we? Then we will moan about stuff being in the “other” room all the time!!
    I have some of my own early quilts that need TLC but I kinda like seeing them a little tatty as it shows they are loved! If you go down a few posts on mine you will see that I have finished the top of my quilt I have been working on. Need to get some batting when I go to the NEC next month and maybe some backing if I don’t have enough of anything suitable – any excuse ey!

    1. Lol, Sam, too true. I’m very happy with my dedicated sewing/crafing room. I would be nice to have more than one thing set up at a time, is all I meant.

      My friend wanted to keep using her mom’s quilts and was concerned that they would deteriorate past the point of no return if something wasn’t done. I’ve found there is no “in-between” way of doing it. Either you do a kinda-sorta job, or you take the whole thing apart and fix it right. I have several quilts of my own that I’m letting get tattered, as they don’t have any sentimental value.

      Happy woyww!

  4. Very CREATive desk.. I find it hard too, between both hobbies sewing and papercrafts. I want to do both..so many ideas.. not enough time.. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Angie, it’s all hard earned experience. I’ve made lots of mistakes, made many clothes that were unwearable, many projects that were just “meh.” The important thing is to always keep trying new things and seeking to learn. Happy creating!

  5. Awesome workspace today. Lots of fun things to see and snoop through. Love the jean jacket on the previous post and the wedding quilt. It would have been hard wrapping that up. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #44

  6. Great workdesk this week – thanks for stopping by! Well done on all your hard work with that jacket, it looks great on you, even if it was a bit too hot!

    1. I know I’m going to love that jacket come this fall. Today, though, at 99° and quite humid it makes me hot just to think about it!

  7. Hi Sandy, that’s twice that quilt has been a labour of love – it must have taken many hours to make it and now it has taken many of your hours to repair it. And what a thorough job you’ve done – however, judging by how much I spend at the hairdressers, well worth the effort. Love the quilt you made as a wedding present – it is so beautiful and the colours are just lovely. Hope your week has been a good one. Elizabeth x #72

    1. What a nice way of putting it, Elizabeth! Twice a labor of love… I like that. 🙂

      And, yes, I think the barter is working out great for both of us. I could never afford to pay a pro to do my hair color, but I also would have a hard time charging someone for all the hours I put into this quilt.

      As for that wedding quilt, I don’t think I want to know just many hours I put into that. I could certainly never get what my time is worth, but I was so happy to be able to give it to the daughter of a dear, dear friend.

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