This is an album I made a while back, but I’m taking another look because I’m thinking of updating it and adding more photos.

Back in 2004 our boys were 14 and 16.  There was lots of teenage angst flyin’ around and my husband was feeling like a really terrible father.  So I put together this little album for him as a Father’s Day gift, hoping it would be an encouragement.

Remember way back when AOL was sending out all those cds in tins?  Well, that’s where this started.


I used Mod Podge to decoupage scraps of papers on the outside of the tin.  The center of the twine with beads was glued to the back of the tin.  I honestly don’t remember what I used to antique it, as this was before I was aware of all the distress inks.  It’s probably thinned down brown acrylic paint.

Then I cut papers from a 4″x6″ paper pad to fit the inside, leaving an extra 1/4″ on the width of each page to make an overlap to glue them together.

Here’s how the album opens out.  This one has 10 pages, plus the ones inside the covers, for a total of 12.


And here you can see how the pages overlap on the back:


Here’s a close up of the inside cover and the first page:


When collecting the photos I realized there were so many different colors, I couldn’t possibly make them all work together, so everything got printed in sepia.


The printing on the twill tape is one of my favorite parts.  All you have to do is print your wording onto regular computer paper  in the appropriate size with plenty of space around each line.  Then just use repositionable adhesive to glue your twill tape over the printed lines and run it through the printer again.

Happy crafting!

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