I receive an amazing package over the weekend.  I was so excited when I saw it on my doorstep, but I was utterly stunned when I opened it.

You see, Julia over at Stamping Ground has been hosting What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday for the past two years.  To celebrate the second anniversary, since nobody appreciates handcrafts like another handcrafter, many of us participated in a PIF.

My package came from Sam over at hettiecraftcz.blogspot.com.  Oh my, she just went above and beyond. Everything is so lovely!

I was thrilled and amazed at all the work she’d went to when I opened the package and found the album. It is gorgeous and as I’m a scrapbooker, you can be assured it will be put to good use.

green floral album made by Sam at http://hettiecraftcz.blogspot.com

But then I opened it and, wait, there’s more! Inside the album was another wrapped package, this time a canvas with flowers, a sparkle-arkily fairy dress and a butterfly.  It. Is. Beautiful. I LOVE it! It’s already hanging right next to my computer monitor so I will be sure to often think of my new friend from Wales.

fairy dress canvas butterflymade by Sam at http://hettiecraftcz.blogspot.com

fairy dress canvas butterfly close up made by Sam at http://hettiecraftcz.blogspot.com

And then I peeked into the envelope and there was still a card waiting to open. It’s terrific, love those flowers and the scalloped edges.

black and white floral card made by Sam at http://hettiecraftcz.blogspot.com

I just hope the gal who gets the package I sent along will be just as happy as I am!

Happy, happy crafting, all.

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5 thoughts on “Beautiful Gifts From Abroad

  1. I take it you like it then!! I am so glad you do, you wouldn’t believe how nervous I was until you e-mailed me. I have just put my gift on scheduled for tomorrow with WOYWW if you fancy popping over.
    Speak soon!

    1. How could you have possibly imagined I wouldn’t like it? I look at the fairy dress all the time and just love it. Looks like you got a very nice set of ATCs, kewl.

  2. Okay, that is gorgeous. Sam must have faeries directing the work over there. Please check the link; I tried it twice and couldn’t get through.

    1. Hi Robin,

      Isn’t that wonderful? I just love it, can’t stop looking at it.

      The link is fixed now.

      Have a good one!

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