Pushing Boundaries in Creativity: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

In a world filled with creativity, where every corner of the internet shows a huge variety of artistic endeavors, it can be tricky to find your personal voice and stand out from the crowd.

But, in the pursuit of creativity, there’s an exciting journey of pushing boundaries, breaking norms, innovation, and embracing the unknown.

At the heart of pushing boundaries in creativity lies the willingness to experiment. I firmly believe it’s important to always be trying new techniques, materials, and approaches. From mixed-media art to unconventional DIY projects, it’s my hope to encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and explore uncharted territories of creativity.

Instead of being discouraged when things don’t go as expected, remember the transformative power of mistakes. Quite often mistakes are perceived as failures, leading to frustration and self-doubt. However, in the realm of creativity, mistakes are valuable stepping stones towards innovation.

By embracing imperfections and learning from them, you can uncover new possibilities and refine your craft in ways you may have never imagined.

Just remember, pushing boundaries in creativity requires a willingness to challenge your own preconceived notions and societal norms. I’m always astounded that one of my most viewed videos on YouTube is Nature’s Treasures, where I put fresh flowers and plants into resin.

That video is also my most controversial (just read the comments!) Folks told me what I did was impossible. It sparked a lot of spirited discussion.

By opening myself up to an experiment (I didn’t know you “couldn’t” do that) it meant my work had something new and original and pushed the boundaries of what many deemed possible.

And, yes, even eight years later, those resin pieces look exactly the same as the day I made them!

I hope that, like me, your journey of pushing boundaries in creativity will be one of discovery, growth, and self-expression. Through experimentation, learning from mistakes, and daring to be different, I’ve been able to unlock new levels of artistic potential and create works that go beyond boundaries.

So, to all fellow creatives out there, I encourage you to embrace the unknown, challenge the status quo, and push the boundaries of what is possible. After all, the only limit to our creativity is our imagination.

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