Cute Beaded Wire Heart Charms

One thing I love about wire working is that you can make a beautiful piece with just a few inches of wire.

If you love sparkle, it’s easy to wire on beads and crystals.

In this video:
  • How to choose the right wire for your project
  • Steps for shaping graceful curves and loops for your heart charm
  • Hammering techniques to harden and add dimension to your piece
  • How to wire on beads, crystals or pearl accents
  • Two different ways to finish the bottom of your heart
  • A way to wire wrap small dangles at the bottom of your heart
  • How to form spirals and squiggles to fill the interior of your charm
  • Steps for wiring your filler pieces onto the hearts

Need more info about working with wire? Here are some helpful videos:

Tools & Materials:

Notes about wire:

  • If you want to add a patina to your wire work, do NOT buy wire that has a coating or says non-tarnish.
  • You can purchase wire from Amazon, but for the silver filled you’ll likely get better prices from or

Beads used:

Watch the Cute Beaded Wire Heart Charms video on YouTube.

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