The Making of Spark the Magic Dragon

I wonder how many times you have felt the way I did when making this dragon?

The was a point in the midst of its creation when I was quite ready to throw it away.

But, then again, if you’ve been creating things for any amount of time, you’ve probably found this to be true of any large project. Some time past the half way point it always gets to be a slog.

The satisfaction comes with pushing through, persevering and solving the problems.

This video is my journey of creating a black and white dragon for my patron, Lila, and her 10-year-old granddaughter, Alex.

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Tools and Materials:

By the way, Alex named her new friend, Spark, after the lava rock it is sitting on. A very creative and clever girl!

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2 thoughts on “The Making of Spark the Magic Dragon

  1. Dear Sandy,
    Alex and I are so pleased with our beautiful dragon. Alex was looking at your artwork and just lit up when she saw your dragons. That is how she decided what she wanted you to make for us. The only thing she said was she wanted a black and white one. That was all we told you and you took off! As always, you didn’t disappoint. We cannot thank you enough!

    1. Hi Lila & Alex,

      It was a wonderful creative challenge and I was happy I could do it for you, especially after all your kind encouragement and support.

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