Driftwood Honey Necklace-Jewelry Design Tutorial

Sometimes it’s fun to work on a piece of art without any preconceived notions, just playing with the materials you have on hand.

What comes out of that play might just surprise you!

A necklace composed of a heart with dripping honeycomb on it, driftwood and ceramic beads.

In today’s video you’ll learn several techniques for designing with products you have on hand and tips for ways to tweak and improve your projects as you go.

Many thanks to Samantha of Jessama Tutorials for sending along all these wonderful tools to play with. Watch her videos on YouTube and check out the products in her Etsy shop Jessama Design.

Tools & Materials:

Videos mentioned:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Driftwood Honey Necklace-Jewelry Design Tutorial video at YouTube.

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