DIY Custom Border Molds For Polymer Clay & Sculpting-Friday Findings

The other day I got to thinking about different kinds of shapes that would make nice borders and edgings, and I couldn’t stop!

I love how one creative idea leads to another, then another, then another…

Learn how to make your own border molds from chain, beads and household objects.

This video got started because I wanted some kind of beaded border for a project for my patrons.

(Insert shameless plug for Patreon here.) <<<grin>>>

a round lentil shaped hollow bead with an oval cut out and a castle inside

Then I dug through my ribbon & cording scraps, my boxes of chain and went on to strands of beads, spacers and findings.

In the video I show how to make your own custom border molds and give tips for trimming your polymer clay borders after demolding.

Tools & Materials:

Let me know what other things you think would make good border molds.

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the DIY Custom Border Molds For Polymer Clay & Sculpting- Friday Findings video at YouTube.

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