Happy What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday everyone!

2015 06 24 woyww rainbow hearts

On this week’s work desk you can see that I’m working on planning an upcoming jewelry making video for my YouTube channel. I was working on the next dragon, but that’s been shoved aside while the dragon is pre-baking in the oven.

That purple case on the left is my Swarovski crystal case, and I’ve pulled out a rainbow of heart crystals for my next jewelry tutorial.

You can see in the lower center front I’m also trying out different beads, crystals, pearls and even trying leather and silk to see which will work best with what for what I have in mind. Lately I’ve been about a month ahead with the jewelry videos, so if you want to see the final project, check back in four weeks. 🙂

In the upper left is yet another kumihimo project. After doing the Kumihimo video series on my YouTube channel, I suddenly can’t stop making them! So far I’m up four bracelets and a necklace with more planned. I’ll post pics on my Instagram when this one is done.

That’s what’s happening this week. Wondering why I’m sharing a photo of my desk? It’s a fun blog hop game we play over at Julia’s called What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday. Join in, all are welcome!

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4 thoughts on “WOYWW-Rainbow Hearts

    1. Actually, I ended up not using the leather or the silk. But the crystals are really pretty with the pearls.

  1. Wow, I like that beadi g. Will look at your video next month. I looked up kumihimo and I like it a lot. Clever you.
    Thanks for visiting already,
    Have a great week,

  2. Thanks for showing us what you are doing. I was making jewlery many years ago with my grandmother’s old jewely. I made broaches for all the women in the family with the gems out of her jewelry. I still have all the metal, tools, and jewelry! But that was my only adventure in jewlery! Happy crafting! #41

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