Happy What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday everyone!

2015 03 18 woyww  walking pods (1).JPG

Today’s desk show me working on the walking pods from Christi Friesen’s class over at  Polymer Clay Adventure. All of the pieces are currently in the oven. I’m hoping to add this week’s dragon #11 to it. Nobody will be more surprised with how it turns out than me. 🙂

Since I’ve been showing you jewelry in progress for the past several weeks I thought you might like to see a few completed projects.

2015 03 18 woyww  wire jewelry masterclass.JPG

These copper and silver pieces are awaiting warmer weather when I can patina them outside. (For some reason my family objects to the strong rotten egg smell that liver of sulfur gives off indoors.)

The latest project from Wire Jewelry Masterclass is that ring. I didn’t really care for it in the book, and definitely don’t like my completed version. Ah well, it was supposed to be a learning experience, and it was. However, I pretty sure those beads will soon be getting snipped off and the silver recycled.

To see what other creative people from all over the world are up to, make sure to check out What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday. The party starts at Julia’s!

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20 thoughts on “WOYWW – Walking Pods and Wire Jewelry

  1. Oh dear..not a nice smell!! Is it safe? I am so much more careful with cooking stuff, burning etc now I have asthma with me all the time. Hope you had fun while creating.it takes ages to learn new things and then get good at it. Keep hangin’ in there.They look fine to me!!
    Judy #18

    1. Well, it’s not something that you’d want to work with all day, but I don’t think it’s a problem in the amounts I use.

  2. I’m so impressed with your polymer clay pieces. And I love the earrings, especially the copper/turquoise. Guess I’d better get my ears repierced soon. :}

    1. You should! Wearing earrings just makes me happy for some reason. The longer & danglier the happier I am. 🙂

  3. That jewelry is gorgeous! Spring is coming and we will soon be wearing skimpy tops and beautiful earrings!
    Have a great week,
    PS I’m thinking of our fellow desk hopper Shoshi today who’s operation has been postponed yet again! I can’t imagine how she must be feeling.

  4. Well I can’t imagine why that smell should be so objectionable ….. It’s about ART!!!
    swooning at the lovely earrings…and I like the ring!

  5. My daughter would die for those earrings! If I show her this, there’ll be two of us gathering craft stash… Really beautiful, and soon it’s warm and you can get to your smelly business!
    Kristiina #17

  6. I’m not sure what a walking pod is, but the PC and supplies look like fun. I haven’t broken out my clay in ages. I still keep it around though since I tend to flit through phases with my crafty urges. I’m sure it’ll come back around to clay at some point!
    Oh, and your finished pieces are really great. . .so much detail in your wire-wrapping!

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