Happy What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday, everyone!

2014 10 22 woyww final sweater

This is a pic of my desk right before heading to bed Tuesday night. It shows me sewing up a storm and listening to Pandora. I know it’s the third week in a row these sweaters have been on the desk, but I promise this will be the last.

It another color blocked version of Vogue 8817, and I was just laying it out to see if I like the colors. (View B.)


It turns out I don’t. The light grey is good for the sleeves, but not so much for the lower center. I think I’ll just make that more of the purple (same as the top center.)

Of course, I’ll save the grey pieces, because I may find another fabric to use with those  for yet another sweater. Hence the title of this post, “The Final Sweater… For Now.”

The other four sweaters are done, and as soon as the weather cools off enough to wear them I’ll take photos for ya. In the meantime, enjoy some desk hopping around blog land. The party begins over at Julia’s.

Happy creating!

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7 thoughts on “WOYWW – The Final Sweater… For Now

  1. Ha! “The Final Sweater” sounds like a TV show. 😀 So turn up the A/C and take some photos of those sweaters!

  2. Looking forward to the fashion show…
    Sorry for being late commenting. This time I decided I’d start with the last one rather than start at the beginning.
    Thank you for letting me have a peep of your workspace.
    Have a good week

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