Happy Friday, everyone!

In today’s Friday Findings video I share with you a great organizing idea.  You can use this for your jewelry, but there are many other applications as well.  I first saw the idea on a scrapbooker’s website, where she had used the clips to hang up all her packages of stickers & embellishments.

friday findings jewelry organizing

These are the products from Ikea that I showed in the video: Dignitet curtain wire, Dignitet support/corner fixture, Riktig 24 curtain hooks with clips.

riktig hook w clip

While I was looking up the links for you, I came across a different style of curtain hooks.

riktig hook

These might be easier to use for jewelry than the clips that I have. What do you think? What would you organize with this system?

You can watch Friday Findings – Clever & Easy Jewelry Organizing over at YouTube.

Happy creating and organizing!

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2 thoughts on “Friday Findings – Clever & Easy Jewelry Organizing

  1. Cool! I used curtain clips like that to hang my tree panels and privacy curtains. Almost cried for joy when I discovered I didn’t have to sew rings on.

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