I just have to take a minute to devote some space to praising a lovely company.

Some of you may remember that last February I won a bracelet from Art Beads. I wasn’t too sure about the style when I got it, but have since had the opportunity to add a few Pandora beads plus some others and now I love it.


A few weeks ago I realized much of the silver was in need of polishing, so I pulled it apart and polished away. After putting it back together I noticed that my purple pave bead (which I like even better than my Pandora pave, btw) was missing a few of the crystals.

I sent Art Beads an email, asking if this was normal and they quickly wrote back, explaining that this type of bead shouldn’t be subjected to water, as it is clay based. Oooops, my bad. 🙁

But THEN they offered to replace it for me anyways. Keep in mind, the bracelet was a free gift and the mistake was mine.


A week or so later I received my replacement bead; it was packaged beautifully, as always. It’s a slightly different color than the original, but is utterly yummy.

So, that’s all I wanted to say. It’s so easy to gripe and complain when a company doesn’t behave as we think they should, I think we should put just as much effort into pointing out those companies that go above and beyond.

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3 thoughts on “Many Thanks to Art Beads

  1. It’s wonderful to find a company that goes above and beyond regular customer service. But I think they should, for you; your bracelets are gorgeous. I have three of yours and love them.

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