Presenting the newest item in my Etsy shop:  a Dragon Cameo.


I got the idea when wearing a necklace based on Jill Kollman’s Micro Sculpt Applique project in the June 2013 issue of Polymer Cafe.


I’d been trying to make a smallish dragon pendant, but those sticky-outy wings and tails were just too breakable.


So, while wearing the floral pendant, I got the idea to put the dragon on an oval base so all those delicate parts would be supported.


The mica shift background makes me think of stones, which makes me think of a castle, which, of course, is perfectly appropriate for a dragon. 🙂


While cutting out the oval bases I made a few smaller ones, but then realized they were so tiny (about 1 inch at the longest) if I tried to build a dragon on one of them I would lose my mind and possibly go blind.  (The eyes are getting old. Boo. Hiss.) So instead, I pretty much copied Jill’s design again, just in the traditional blue and white cameo colors.


My first plan was to list this floral pendant on Etsy too, but it so much resembles Jill’s design that I don’t feel right doing that.


Speaking of my Etsy shop, I’ve updated my packaging.  From now on, all items small enough to fit will come on one of these pretty pillow boxes wrapped in twine or ribbon.  Designs on the boxes will vary, but you can always request something in particular.

Keep an eye on this space for an upcoming sale in my Etsy shop. I haven’t had time to organize it yet, but I really need to clear it out and update the look.

Happy creating!

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3 thoughts on “Dragon Cameo Pendant Necklace

  1. Oh the dragon pendant is so cool! Love the shimmer on the stone behind him. And the floral one is so dainty and gorgeous with wire work! Both should be in your etsy shop.

  2. Oh, well done! I love the dragons AND the flowers! Don’t talk to me about the eyes getting old. I have three pairs of glasses for regular seeing, close work, and driving. It’s a pain. 😛

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