Places like Pier One and Marshalls always seem to have great funky home dec stuff like these beaded napkin rings.  Of course, the problem with being a crafter is that I never manage to buy them cuz, of course, I can make it myself.

So, finally, I did.  🙂


Partly it was because I just wanted an excuse to use my newest tool, this adorable little jeweler’s anvil.

Hey, smack some stuff around with a hammer, maybe get out a little aggression, haha.

When you watch the video you’ll see the actual scale; it just fits in your hand.  Cute and useful!

Enjoy the video, happy creating. 🙂


  • 16-gauge wire (25-inches for each napkin ring)
  • 5mm beads (30 for each napkin ring)
  • 26-gauge wire
  • chain nose pliers
  • wire cutters
  • bench block or jeweler’s anvil
  • hammer
  • 1-inch diameter dowel or form
  1.  Cut a 25-inch length of 16-gauge wire.  Use chain nose pliers to make a loose spiral with first 5 inches of wire (3-4 wraps.)
  2.  Leaving wire on spool, thread 30 beads onto 26-gauge wire.
  3.  Wrap 1-2 inches of 26-gauge wire onto 16-gauge wire in a ¼-inch section, starting where spiral ends.  Continue wrapping 26-gauge wire around 16-gauge, occasionally feeding out a bead until all beads are used and all but last 5 inches of 16-gauge wire is wrapped.  Finish by wrapping 1-2 inches of 26-gauge wire onto 16-gauge wire in a ¼ inch section.  Trim 26-gauge wire and tuck in end.
  4.  Use chain nose pliers to make a spiral with last 5 inches of 16-gauge wire (3-4 wraps.)
  5.  Use flat part of hammer to gently pound spiral on bench block or anvil until wire is flattened.  If desired, pound with rounded part of hammer to give texture. Repeat to flatten and texture other spiral.
  6.  To finish napkin ring, wrap around 1-inch form, adjusting spirals so they are in the same plane.
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4 thoughts on “Bead & Wire Napkin Rings Video Tutorial

  1. An anvil! Hahahaha! Don’t drop it on somebody’s head. Did you ever hit your finger? Anyway, I have a new favorite. I can use those on my little baker napkins. 🙂

    1. Yup, anvils always make me think of Coyote and Road Runner. Meep, meep. 😉

      I haven’t hit my finger… yet, but I haven’t used it much yet either.

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