The best designs are often just the perfect juxtaposition of color, texture and shape.


Most of us don’t achieve it with every attempt, but sometimes a combination just sings.  


I was so pleased with how these earring came out… and amazed at how quick they were to make.

See for yourself…

Happy creating!


  • two ear wires
  • four jump rings
  • two head pins
  • two hammered oval metal rings
  • two glass beads
  • round nose pliers
  • chain nose pliers


  1. Slide a glass bead onto a head pin. Use chain nose and round nose pliers to make a wrapped loop.
  2. Open a jump ring; slide on glass bead dangle and oval ring. Close jump ring securely. Open another jump ring; slide on same oval ring and an ear wire. Close jump ring. Repeat for second earring.


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