In case you were wondering, here’s yet another way to use cuff bracelet links.  This one is the simplest of all.  (Here are the links for the steampunk bracelet tutorial and the pink floral cuff bracelet.)


I love the way the silver, blue and gunmetal all work together. Plus, I find these so much more comfortable to wear than regular, solid cuff bracelets.


Happy creating!


  • 3 – 1 1/2-inch x 1-inch oval cuff bracelet links
  • 12 – 6mm jump rings
  • 4 – 8mm jump rings
  • 3 inches chain
  • lobster clasp
  • 2 pair chain nose pliers
  1. Attach a 6mm jump ring to each of the four holes in each of the bracelet links.
  2. Slide an 8mm jump ring through 2 adjacent 6mm jump rings, then through 2 adjacent 6mm jump rings of a different bracelet link.  Attach remaining bracelet link in same manner.  Also attach 8mm jump rings to the end pairs of 6mm jump rings.
  3. Attach a 1-inch piece of chain to one end of bracelet; add a lobster clasp to end of chain.  Attach remaining 2-inches of chain to other end of bracelet to complete.


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2 thoughts on “Simple Oval Link Cuff Bracelet Video Tutorial

  1. Okay, I like that even better than the pink. Did you mix clay colors? Is that a script impressed in the ovals?

    1. I can’t decide which I like best, I love them all.

      The clay is colored with inks and the script is impressed in with stamps.

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