Do you ever find that a favorite necklace would be perfect with a particular outfit… if only it were just a little bit longer or shorter?

One of my favorite techniques for solving this problem is to string beads or pendants onto a leather cord.  Today I chose to use some earthy-crunchy bohemian style beads, but you can just pull out whatever strikes your particular fancy.  🙂

The great thing about this necklace is that you don’t need any clasps or findings, AND in this video tutorial I’ll show you how to make an adjustable sliding knot closure so it can be any length you please.


The only supplies you’ll need are 1 mm Leather Cord and a few beads.


Enjoy the tutorial and happy creating!


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5 thoughts on “Boho Bead and Leather Cord Necklace Video Tutorial

  1. While I don’t do as many crafts as I’d like, this technique is something I will certainly use in making jewelry with the girls. Thanks!

    1. You are very welcome. Isn’t that sliding knot so simple and easy?

      I can see how it would be perfect to use with little ones. The 1 mm cord will break after a certain point, too. Good to know with jewelry for kids.

      1. ANYTHING for kids breaks after a certain point. That’s why we have to keep making new stuff with them. 😐

        1. Lol, well, yeah. But I was thinking safety-wise. If one decides to yank on the other by her necklace, they likely will only have a red mark, but not be strangled.

          …Or is it only boys who try to hurt each other? 😉

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