Here’s a fun and easy project (with a free pattern!) to get you thinking about summer.  I love the ombre effect, which is popular right now.  They suggest trimming each band with fringe, giving the skirt some nice weight.


The pattern (thank you Fabric. com) uses one yard or less of four different fabrics, so you might be able to get away with fabric from your stash. Or, use it as an excuse to go do some shopping. 🙂

For me, who tends to trip over her own feet, I’ll probably shorten the second from the bottom tier and make it “not-quite-so-maxi.”

Happy Creating!

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2 thoughts on “Tiered Maxi Skirt – Free Pattern

  1. With the right fabrics, that would be very cute. But do you know what my problem is? I’m always on my knees doing stuff at toddler level or picking up stuff from under furniture. Have you ever tried knee action in a long skirt? It does not go well.

    So there’s a glimpse into my exciting life and why I don’t wear much besides jeans in the winter and khakis in the summer.

    I still want to see what you do with it.

  2. Yup, I understand what you mean. Skirts are pretty, but often not practical.

    I spent some time organizing my fabric stash last week and found what will probably be the top two fabrics for the skirt. Now to go through the fabrics that are stowed in a different place, maybe I’ll find the bottom two and only have to buy the fringe.

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