As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, it’s been a blast playing with polymer clay lately.  Although I’ve been spending a lot of time working with ideas from Christi Friesen’s books, it’s my goal to get some ideas, new techniques and all, then branch out and do my own thing.

Here is some of the latest stuff to come out of my craft room.  (Click on any of the photos to see a larger version.)

Isn’t this pendant the coolest?


The texture on the flower was done by pressing each petal into a definition stamp.


This one gets loads of compliments whenever I wear it.  It’s based on Christi’s “A Clockwork Orange” from her book Steampunkery.

This steampunk Christmas tree pendant is my own design.


I used the same stamps to create texture on the presents as I did on the flowers in yesterday’s post.  Using less pressure results in a more subtle pattern on the clay.


The ornaments are all manner of beads, gears and chains, wired into the clay.  I love using Christi’s idea of using heat-set rhinestones, because the heat of the oven sets the adhesive on the back.  Clever!


These two fantasy birds are from Polymer Clay and Mixed Media.


I can’t decide which one I like best.

I call this one “Feathers.”


And this one I call “Swirls.”


Here’s a close up of Swirls’ wing.


And a close up of Swirls’ tail.


Here’s Feather’s tail.


Now you understand the names.  🙂

I plan to list one for sale in my shop, but I don’t know which one to keep and which to sell.

I’m leaning towards selling Feathers, as she’s just a bit more graceful overall.

Which do you prefer?

For the next project I’m thinking of completely different colors, like reds, gold & black, with a different shaped head, and I’ll have a dragon!

Speaking of dragons, I just received the nicest belated Christmas gift. It will have to wait until tomorrow, though, because it’s too dark now to take a proper photo.

Happy creating!

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