Perhaps some of you, at one point, have read my About Me page, and have read there that I love to do lampworking. Perhaps you have wondered why I never post any lampwork projects.

The sad story is that I haven’t been able to get out my beloved torch since three years ago for my birthday hubby said he’d build me a studio for lampworking. This sounded like an excellent idea, as the basement sawdust and hot glass don’t mix very nicely. (Burnt carbon makes black streaks in glass beads. Ick.) Anyhow, all my tools got packed away and work commenced. It’s been slow, but he is making good progress, and hopefully I’ll be back in the business of playing with fire very soon. 🙂

In the meantime, today’s holiday reminded me of some beads I made a few years ago. This kitty cat is a favorite of mine. The quality is not the best, I need LOTS more practice to get good, but I like it and wear it.


The cat is actually made of two beads, the head and the body are separate.  I love how the sparkly bead in the middle looks like a fancy collar.


I wear the cat year round, I only strung the candy corn beads on for pre-Halloween wear.

And here’s a funny story about the candy corn beads. You might notice that they aren’t shiny like the cat beads. In order to make them more realistic I dipped them in an acid etching solution which gives the beads their matte finish.


Shortly after I’d made them I proudly brought my new beads to show my friend, who had taught me how to lampwork. My teenage son, her teenage son and one of their friends were hanging out at her house that day. The friend, who was a nutty kid, spotted the pile of “candy”, dashed into the room, tossed them all into his mouth and sprinted out. It was only a few seconds later he came back into the room, looking appalled and spitting out my awful tasting acid etched glass beads.

I only wish I had a picture his expression, it was priceless.

Fortunately, no beads or teeth were broken in the ordeal, lol.

May all your Halloween candy be real and yummy!

Happy Halloween and happy creating.


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