Hi everyone! Sorry this post is going up so late in the day.  I’ve only been distracted by about 15 million different things since I took the photo SIX hours ago.  Sheesh. (Well, maybe it was only 15 things… or 5, but it felt like lots more!)

Anyhow, here is what’s on my workdesk today:

what's on your workdesk wednesday - folded orgami purses and beaded handles

To the left are three folded origami purses.  The black one with the oriental print I made ages ago and even carried for quite a bit.  The purple and floral purses are relatively new creations.

I never was totally thrilled with the cord I used for a handle on the black purse, but I really struggled to find something I liked for the floral.  Finally I decided to take advantage of A.C. Moore’s 50% off sale and make beaded handles.

I’ll be putting up a tutorial for making the bags (so super duper easy you won’t believe it!) and the handles very soon.  These would make fantastic Christmas gifts, so make sure to watch this space.

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Happy Woyww!

P.S.  Are you wondering just WHY I’ve posted a  pic of my messy workdesk?  That’s cuz it’s What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday.  Go over to Julia’s to check out desks from all over the world.  (It’s quite addictive!)


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