In the interest of full disclosure, today’s workdesk is not just as I found it this morning.  I had to whip the “top secret art quilt project”  off the table and replace it with a project from another work area.  (Otherwise it would have been a fairly empty table and that would have been boring, wouldn’t it?)


I’m getting set up to make a bracelet, AND make a video showing you how easy it is to make the bracelet.  I’d love say I’m going to have it up later today, but common sense keeps yelling at me, “Are you nuts? No way, not gonna happen!”

Actually, I’m off to such a slow start this a.m., I’ll be lucky to get the video shot today.  Sheesh. We shall see .

In the meantime, mine is not the only desk out there for perusal.  You can check out many other folks’ workdesks at this link.  Try it, it’s rather fun.

Have a great Wednesday!


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10 thoughts on “WOYWW – Playing With Beads

  1. gorgeous storage unit at the back, thank you for sharing. Happy WOYWW 101, not long left until the 2nd anniversary, have you done your PIF? #2

  2. Love the cubbies at the back of your desk! Art quilt, beading, scrapbooking…you have a lot of wonderful interests and talents! Happy WOYWW!

    1. Thanks, Andria. 🙂 Yeah, some days it seem like TOO much, lol. But if I ever try to cut back, I just get bored.

  3. I like the idea that dfifferent crafts have separate spaces in your home. And I’ve learned never to talk about what I’m going to do on the blog in real life..because I never quite manage to do it….what’s the tulle for?

    1. The tulle is for an art quilt I’m working on for Quilting Arts magazine. I can’t share more than that quite yet. 🙂

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