rag quilt

A “rag” quilt made for a wedding gift.  My hands hurt just to look at it.  All that snipping.  Ouch.

All the snipping aside, it’s a very simple pattern:

  • Cut 8″ squares of fabric and sandwich them right sides out with 6″ squares of batting.  (The batting should be centered on the fabric squares, leaving 1″ without batting all around.)
  • Machine quilt the batting area only of each of these sandwiches.
  • Then sew them together with 1″ seam allowances.
  • Next, snip all of the seam allowances every 1/2′”.
  • Finally, bring it to the local laundromat to wash & dry and let all the raw edges fray.  (Do NOT wash & dry this in your home machines, you will regret it.  Consider yourself warned.)
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