Sometimes I drive myself insane, ya know?

I bought these fabrics at a quilt show simply because they were packaged in a lovely bundle of fat quarters and I adored the combination of colors.  I also bought the pattern because the people there were cleverly marketing patterns that took just eight FQ’s.  (The number in each of their bundles, of course.)

What I didn’t consider at the time was that these fabrics are all VERY THICK flannels, and the pattern is a complicated one.  Smart people reserve flannels for simple patterns.


It came out pretty good, just don’t look too closely at the points.

flannel quilt-garden lattice
The pattern was cleverly designed.  You sewed together strips of a light and a dark fabric and then sewed a strip of white to either side.  Then you cut squares on point from these strips.  It would look something like this:


I couldn’t leave well enough alone, though.  You see, the lighter color outside border of my quilt was not part of the original pattern.  These pieces were all the leftover triangles from cutting the main pieces, and the pattern told you to ===gasp=== discard them!  No way, Jose.

So I sat down, did a lot of math and figured out how to use each and every one of them in a border (Ok, ok,  so there are four on the back for the label.)
Absolute insanity, I tell ya.

flannel quilt-garden lattice

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2 thoughts on “Garden Lattice Flannel Quilt

  1. Is it possible for you to tell me the name of the pattern and who it is by. When I typed in garden lattice pattern, this one never came up. thanks!

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