Feb 232018

Don’t have just the right bail to accent your special jewelry pendant?

Make your own!

ff coiled wire bails

With about 10 inches of 20 gauge wire and a few minutes of your time you can have a custom-made bail that perfectly suits any jewelry pieces you’d like to dangle.

Using bail making pliers makes it easy to create a bail with an opening that’s the perfect size for any cord you’d like to string your jewelry onto.

Tools and Materials:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Coiled Wire Bails-How to Create Custom Necklace Jewelry Findings Tutorial video at YouTube.

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  4 Responses to “Coiled Wire Bails-How to Create Custom Necklace Jewelry Findings Tutorial”

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  1. Aha. Again, using the right tools gives professional results. I like how specific you are about what tools and materials you use, and how much. That’s very helpful.

  2. Sandy, I love this lesson. My question is using artistic wire. So this is not silver or argentium or copper. If you are using a silver pedant or charm, one should use silver, correct. It looks like the larger bail you made that is a little messy was maybe at 22 gauge silver wire? and going to a 20 gauge could remedy that problem.??

    • Hi Cynthia, If I were using sterling silver pendants or charms, then I would use at least silver filled wire and components. I try to match the quality of all the bits in a piece of jewelry.

      I think the messy bail problem was due to a wire that was already too work hardened for this type of coiling.

      Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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