This weeks dragon was started when I watched Sandrartes’ wonderful polymer clay video on making a cat that is a cell phone holder. I thought it was utterly adorable and amazingly clever and immediately decided to make my own version: a dragon, of course. 🙂

dragon #37 Sadie (1)

Meet Sadie, who along with Siri, helps me out with my iPhone.

Click on any of the photos for a closer look.

dragon #37 Sadie (2)

The trick in this design is getting the form to follow the function. The tail actually plays a big part in keeping everything balanced.

dragon #37 Sadie (3)

While putting away my groceries this week I discovered my newest favorite texturing tools: the mesh bags used for produce. The fine mesh used on the spines was a sleeve holding my heads of garlic. The medium mesh held onions and the largest mesh held avocados.

I just loved being able to wrap this texture around the clay and hold onto it while adding details but not smearing my pattern.

dragon #37 Sadie (4)

If you’d like to see my other dragon creations so far, I’ve made a Thursday’s Dragon Pinterest board just for them.

Be sure to visit Sandrartes’ YouTube channel, she has lots of wonderful, creative designs.

Check out this post on Errol, dragon #1, for the details on why I am making a dragon every week in 2015.

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