I’ve been in love with alcohol inks ever since I discovered them in the paper crafting world. The fact that they can be used to add color to non-porous items like glass, plastic & metal still fascinates me and I’m always thinking of new uses for them.

friday findings alcohol inks

In today’s video I show you a few of those uses. I hope you find them exciting and inspiring!

The alcohol inks used in the video are:

If you’re thinking about playing with alcohol inks I highly recommend you add the Snow Cap mixative and the Gold and Silver Metallic Mixatives to your stash.


The snow cap is a white with a more opaque look than the rest and can be mixed and marbled for some great effects. If you mix it with colors you get a look of sort of like enamels, like on the flowers in this clay wreath. Those flowers began their lives as metal bead caps, btw.

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

You can watch the Friday Findings – Coloring With Alcohol Inks video over at YouTube.

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4 thoughts on “Friday Findings – Coloring With Alcohol Inks

    1. Ooooo, that’s true. You could get the clear glass ornaments and either dab the inks on the outside OR you could try swirling them around on the inside.

      Be sure to try some of the metallics, but don’t use too much, they’re a lot stronger than the other colors.

      Oh, and if you swirled some of the white on the inside behind the colors, I wonder how that would look?

      I’m all excited just considering the possibilities!

      (The white and the metallics need to be shaken well before using, btw.)

      Ok, I’m done, lol.

      1. I’m so impressed by your range of media. You work with everything! Also, the videos are excellent, both technically and content-wise.

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