Hello again, Wednesday! Today is the day many of us gather over at Julia’s and share a peek of what we’re working on. Take a look see if you have a few minutes, it’s always interesting and rather fun. 🙂

2014 05 07 woyww polymer clay ring & bangle bracelets (1)

Here’s my workdesk today. I’ve been busy working through two polymer clay projects from Donna Kato’s CraftArtEdu.

On the left is my scrap clay bin, gonna need a bigger one soon.  On the right is my big, honkin’ Fire Mountain Gems catalog (nearly 1300 pages!) I love poking through this  big book of goodies, it reminds me of the Sears wishbook. (Ok, am I dating myself? How many of you remember the Sears wishbook?)

2014 05 07 woyww polymer clay ring & bangle bracelets (3)

I finished the Evangelina Ring. It was a fun project, but the directions were a bit lacking. I managed to figure it out from the photos, though.

evangelina ring

This is the class project photo. I changed it up by making my flower petals from a blended cane and also added texture to the petals and the flower centers.

2014 05 07 woyww polymer clay ring & bangle bracelets (4)

As you can see, this is a highly impractical, but extremely fun ring to wear. 🙂

2014 05 07 woyww polymer clay ring & bangle bracelets (2)

The other class I took was Donna Kato’s Everyday Bangles with Dangles. I wanted to take this class because, although I kept hearing from other polymer clay artists about the strength and flexibility of poly clay, I wasn’t convinced it could be used to make something durable, like a bangle bracelet. Now I am!

The three bracelets on top of each other are from Donna’s class, the one on the upper left is me taking the concept and heading off in my own direction.

Now I have to go off and finish a certain HUGE memory quilt. Photos to follow soon.

Happy creating!

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23 thoughts on “WOYWW – Polymer Clay Bangle Bracelets & Flower Ring

  1. Your creativity and versatility amaze me. The ring is gorgeous–could it be used as a napkin holder, perhaps? I LOVE your bangles. But then, I’ve loved all your bracelets. Well done!

    1. That’s not a bad idea, napkin rings, but I think I WANT to wear this. I’ll just have to be careful not to pull and snag everything in sight. 😀

  2. Sandy, your creations are beautiful! I like your interpretation of the flowers better than the example you were emulating. Thanks so much for visiting — hope you are seeing sunshine and warmth where you are! Happy WOYWW. ~ Laura #60

  3. Well I wouldnt have believed it about the clay either – those bangles look just lovely, how cheerful. Love the blue cane you used on your own ‘direction’! The ring is amazing..yes impractical, but so fun every once in a while…easier to wear when you’re a guest and just have to float about with a glass!

  4. Wow, Sandy – amazing. Lovely – but as you say, highly impractical, ring. Could it be used to hold a scarf in place do you think? Would that perhaps, show it off??
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #29

  5. Sorry I am so late visiting not sure where the week had gone so having a quick fly round the desks before we start again, thanks for sharing – Nicky 11

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