Much to my surprise, this blog’s most popular post ever is How to Make Zipper Flowers.  Who’da thunk it?

teal and gold zipper flower

So many creative people have inspired and taught me over the years through their books, magazine articles, blogs and videos that it always thrills me to hear I’ve been a source of inspiration to some one else.

Recently I received a thank you note from a reader who was inspired by the zipper flower tutorial and made this biker babe wedding bouquet.

Isn’t it the coolest?

Wedding Bouquet - Black Leather and Lace for the Biker Babe

Thanks for sharing, Maggie, and happy creating everyone!

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3 thoughts on “Zipper Flowers – Getting Creative

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  2. My favorite of your posts so far (off the top of my head) is the origami purse tutorial. If I keep clicking on it, will that bring it up in your rankings? thx

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