Today’s workdesk shows that I’m in the process of commencing to begin the early phases of the first part of the start of a jacket.

Yup, I’m scared and dragging my feet, lol.

I bought Simplicity 2446 because it promised to help you get an “amazing fit,” but after reading the reviews at, I’m a little nervous.  Many folks have said that the directions are inadequate, so I’ve gotten out my Vogue Sewing book and am reading up on tailored jackets.

Fortunately this isn’t particularly precious fabric, just a simple woven cotton, so if I make a mess of it, we’ll just chalk it up to experience.  Right?

Whatever happens, it will have a very cool print for a lining.  🙂

what's on your workdesk wednesday - starting a tailored jacket

The Rit dye is for trying to dye some synthetic pearls and some stone.  I’ll let you know how it works out.  The mug is for another mug caddy for a special someone.  The thing that looks like a basket pattern is for another gift coming up, I’ll show you the completed project next week.  The crafty tubing  project is still waiting, I’ll get to it soon, I hope!

And if you’re wondering why in the world I bothered to post a photo of my workdesk today, go here to see the desks of many other folks who have done the same.  It’s rather interesting, actually!

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5 thoughts on “WOYWW – Starting A Tailored Jacket

  1. Could look at that picture all day, lots of lovely goodies there, Happy WOYWW 99, Thank you for sharing your desk with us much appreciated it. A great desk. #31.

    1. Yeah, but the purple jacket was unlined, untailored and already had a good fit, just wrong sizing.

      But, you know me, I WILL jump in and give it a go. It’s only fabric, after all.

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