Mar 022015

Have you found that sometimes the simplest of supplies can make a project with great impact?

turquoise & silver dangle earrings

I love the simplicity of a single color bead, today it’s turquoise, in a single repeating motif, just simple dangles on silver plated headpins on a silver plated chain.

The trickiest part, as I mention in the video, is working with this tiny chain. You can make it easier on your eyes and use larger chain, putting a dangle on either side of each chain link.

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

You can watch the Turquoise and Silver Dangle Earrings Video Tutorial over at YouTube.


  • 2 silver plated ear wires
  • 2 4mm silver plated jump rings
  • 20 silver plated head pins
  • 2 11-link pieces 12-link-per-inch silver plated chain
  • 20 4mm turquoise beads


  • chain nose pliers
  • round nose pliers
  • wire cutters.
  1. Slide a turquoise bead onto a head pin. Trim wire above bead to 3/8-inch. Grasp wire with tips of round nose pliers and twist to form a simple loop.
  2. Repeat to make simple loop dangles on other head pins.
  3. Use chain nose pliers to open a simple loop by twisting it to one side. Place loop into a link of chain. Close loop securely. Repeat to place a bead dangles on all but one end chain link of each chain piece.
  4. Open a jump ring and slide on the last link of chain and an ear wire. Close jump ring securely. Repeat to make second earring.

What combination of colors would you use to make these earrings?

Happy creating!