Jan 112016

tapered crystals bracelet

Today’s bracelet has LOTS of sparkle. I just love the rhinestone spacer bars and all of the Swarovski crystals. You could certainly make your bracelet have an entirely different feel by choosing different beads instead of all the bling if that’s not what you’re in the mood for.

Links to many of the supplies I used are in the supply list below the video.

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

You can watch the Tapered Crystals Bracelet Video Tutorial over at YouTube.




  1. At the end of a six-inch piece of bead stringing wire slide a crimp. Flatten and cover with a crimp cover. Trim any excess wire. Slide the wire into the center hole of an 18 x 3 mm three hole spacer bar.
  2. Slide on a 4mm crystal, 3 6mm crystals, another 4mm crystal and the center hole of a 20 x 3 mm spacer bar.
  3. Add a 4mm crystal, 6 6mm crystals, a 4mm crystal and the center hole of a 20 x 3 mm spacer bar.
  4. And a 4mm crystal, 3 6mm crystals, another 4mm crystal and the center hole of a 18 x 3 mm spacer bar.
  5. Add a crimp and flatten, cover with a crimp cover cover and trim excess wire.
  6. On a 10 inch piece of bead stringing wire slide 3 4mm crystals the hole of a 12mm two hole spacer bar, 3 4mm crystals and an outside hole of one of the 18mm spacer bars.
  7. Repeat steps 2-4, then add 3 4mm crystals, a 12mm two hole spacer bar and 3 4mm crystals.
  8. Repeat steps 6 -7 to string another 10 inch piece of bead stringing wire through the remaining holes of the spacer bars. To finish the ends slide both wires through a crimp. Flatten, trim one wire and cover with a crimp cover.
  9. Slide the wire through a crimp wire protector and add your clasp. Slide the wire back through the crimp, flatten, trim the excess wire and cover with a crimp cover. Repeat to finish other end, adding a piece of chain.
Mar 132013


You might remember these fancy jasper beads I picked up at a bead show last fall.  (Of course unless if you’re like me… I can barely recall what I did yesterday, ha.)

Gotta love these little brass beads, I think they work perfectly.  The stone dagger beads had so much presence that it seemed like they needed to not stand alone, but be accented by multiple strands.


This technique of going from several strands into a bead cap and down to just a single chain not only makes the necklace lighter and more comfortable to wear, but it helps conserve your precious beads.

Click on any of the pics to see them bigger.


Hope you find some pretty beads you love and give this a try yourself. Send me pics of what you’ve done, if you have a sec.  🙂

Still no joy with WordPress letting us embed videos, so here’s the link to the Jasper & Brass Bead Triple Strand Necklace Video Tutorial on my YouTube channel.

Happy creating!

  • 1 strand each:
    • fancy jasper dagger beads
    • 4mm round brass beads
    • 2mm faceted brass beads
    • 6mm wooden disk beads
  • black seed beads
  • 3 – 20 inch pieces beading wire
  • crimp beads
  • 2 eye pins
  • 2 3-hole spacer bars
  • 2 bead caps
  • 2 6-inch pieces chain
  • jump rings


  • round nose pliers
  • 2 pair chain nose pliers
  • crimping pliers, if desired
  • wire cutters
  • bead bugs or other tool for gripping wire


  1. String 16 inches of beads onto each 20 inch piece of beading wire, securing ends with bead bugs.
  2. Arrange strands in desired order and slip one wire end of each strand through a spacer bar, keeping strands in order.
  3. Add ½ inch of seed beads or small beads to each strand coming out of spacer bar.
  4. Slide each wire end through a crimp bead, then feed wire back through the crimp bead, leaving a small loop of wire. Crimp with crimping pliers or flatten with chain nose pliers, testing to be sure crimp is secure. Trim off excess wire.
  5. Open loop of an eye pin. Place each wire loop onto eye of eye pin. Close eye pin securely and feed through a bead cap.
  6. Use chain nose pliers to grasp wire just at point where it exits bead cap.  Bend wire at 90° angle.  Grasp bend with round nose pliers and wrap wire around pliers as far as possible to start to make a loop. Reposition pliers to finish loop.  Wrap remaining wire around wire below 90° bend. Use wire cutters to trim, if necessary. Use chain nose or crimping pliers to tuck in end.
  7. Arrange other ends of bead strands in necklace shape. Determine desired spacing of strands, then remove excess beads as needed and repeat steps 2-6 to finish.
  8. Attach a piece of 6 inch chain to each wrapped loop, using jump rings, if necessary.
  9. Attach lobster clasp to end of one chain with a jump ring.
  10. If needed, attach a jump ring to remaining end of chain.